The Travellers' Aid Society Access Terminal (TASAT) is a computer application for use by players and Referees who want a real-life experience using a TAS terminal in a starport or on a spacecraft.
The application is written in C/C++ and uses the IRLicht3D OpenGL graphics engine. A complete installation package for Windows is available.

You should read the instruction manual (extensive screenshots) to get a good understanding of the capabilities and flexibility of the TASAT.


  • Maps
  • Searchable library data
  • Banking
  • Missions
  • Items
  • X-Boat mail service between players to players and players to referee
  • Character location saving
  • Customizable
  • Over 100 complete sectors spaning three Traveller gaming eras
  • Original artwork for over 200 systems displaying landscapes, cities, culture, etc.
  • Referee tools
  • 86-page user manual
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Installation Files